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location: Zagreb, Sveti Duh

year of performance: 2016

A minimalist apartment in Zagreb with a beautiful view of the city.

The apartment was purchased in a just finished building and it only needed to be equiped.

As the lighting project is relatively simple, minor interventions were made in the apartment prior to furnishing the apartment. They implied details of gypsum plasterboard that we used to flatten the existing sloping wall. This opened up the possibility of obtaining space for recesses that we used to install bioethanol stoves, storage space for wood, and recesses for storing books. We lined the wall in the living room with a decorative brick.

We aligned the simple, minimalist, white kitchen with a solid wood counter to the existing flooring in the apartment.

The living room furniture is custom made in red leather and is in harmony with the existing red facade trim.

The bedroom has a separate wardrobe space from the sleeping area. In this partition we have left a decorative recess with built-in lighting.



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