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location: Zagreb, Sesvete

year of performance: 2009 – 2013

Preliminary and detailed design of housing renovation.

The project was started at the very stage of purchasing an abandoned semi-detached facility on the outskirts. It is envisaged to functionally integrate the buildings with the conversion of the ground floor into office space, and a residential part separated by floors.

The first floor apartment is designed to house a young family with three children, and the attic apartment is functionally separated into two separate dwellings. The living room is connected to the dining room and kitchen into one unit, separated from the rest of the apartment by a large glass wall in black.

Clear lines, white and gray, prevail, and warmth is added by the addition of blue-green in details (pads, vases, etc.).

The sleeping area is located on the other side of the hall, separated by an identical partition wall. There are four bedrooms along with two bathrooms and a work space in the hallway.



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