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location: Vrbani, Zagreb

year of performance: 2013

The task of the project was to provide warmth with space, which in itself is quite attractive and nicely furnished new apartment.

The existing white walls are dyed with an off-white pastel beige shade of olive green. The walls of the hallway, lounge, dining room and study room, all of which form an open whole, are painted.

In addition to the existing Roman curtains and ordinary curtains in the dining room, rich decor in warm dark brown shade was added to all the windows, and a mask made of stucco ceilings hiding ordinary curtain rails was specially made for them. We stuccoed and trimmed the existing painting in the living room, and in this way we very "raised" the space, gave it a certain warmth and charm.

In addition to the existing furniture, there is a custom low element under the window, the entire length of the wall where the drawer is low, so this part of the living room got its function.

A long shallow element has been added to the dining room which also plays a decorative role.

The study room has been completely changed. There was a large library with a custom work desk with a built-in pull-out bed in the closet.

Blue (turquoise) details have been added to connect the lounge, dining and study areas. Armchairs for the study room and lounge have been purchased, pads of the right color have been added, as well as vases and candles, where in addition to the existing colors in the room (beige, gold, brown), a shade of blue is added.

The lighting in some places has also been changed. In the dining room, the existing small wall lamps have been replaced by long-sleek elegant wall lamps by a well-known designer. Likewise ceiling lamps in the kitchen and study room.

In the hallway, elements on the wall were additionally concealed, which concealed the meter and existing wall installations, providing an additional functional aspect.


We wanted to further connect the children's rooms with the same color (pastel purple) of the walls and the painted details on the wall to bring together the incompatible furniture from the two rooms into one whole.

The younger girl (6.5 years old) has pastel mint green furniture. We added the necessary elements of custom furniture in the color of fuchsia (open element for books, low drawer under the mirror, mask on the bed) and additionally closed the space above the closet with switching elements (in both rooms). A mirror was framed above the drawers with stucco painted in the same color. The existing chandelier has been replaced with a new fuchsia color hanger. A rosette was added to the ceiling to give the room a romantic look. Details that have been purchased (blanket, pads, carpet, picture frames) are in colors ranging from soft pink, fuchsia to turquoise.

To an older girl, whose furniture is in red details, we added one wall in black that has the effect of a magnetic wall and a school board. The stucco round frames are filled with a mirror in the room and the hallway that connects the two rooms and from which one enters the children's bathroom.

By painting the walls, we further beautified the space. In one room there is a tree with leaves and birdhouses, in the hallway there is only one branch with a cat sitting on it, and in the other room the same tree is continued with only a few branches from which small wooden picture frames in white hang.



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