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location: Novska

year of performance: 2019 – 2020

Tearing down an accessory room between the house and the garage to gain a functional space wich would be used for larger family gatherings. That way, a bigger open space room is achieved containing a barbecue, fireplace, small storage room and a toilet. On the outer side of the room, there is a storage room for tools and a lawnmower.

Inside the open space there is a beautiful massive 12 seat table and a place to rest with comfortable chairs next to a smaller fireplace. In the extension of the fireplace we designed a seating place followed by an area to store wood. Next to the barbecue there is a small accessory kitchen. We had some old furniture restored  and used it to give the room extra warmth.

We used large glass surfaces to connect the front yard and the big lawn in the backyard of the house. The lighting brings attention to the space and brings out the beauty of the house.

The project completed its task entirely - we gained a beautiful and warm space that all residents and friends will enjoy.



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