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location: Zagreb

year of performance: 2013

Preliminary interior design of children's rooms.

As children grow, so do their needs. Often, for this reason, parents remodel existing housing units to convert one room into two or move from one room, which is transient, to another.

In this case, it is a relatively large space that has the disadvantage of moving from one room to another and due to the static of the object, it cannot be changed. A compromise has been made here and the part of the room that is intended for the younger child is not completely separated, so we get a separate work area from the sleeping area.

The room for the older child has complete intimacy, the door separates it from the first room and it has its own covered terrace. The sleeping area is located on the elevated area below which the drawers are located, and there is a wardrobe on this platform. The work area is on the other wall, where knauf shelves with built-in lighting are also made above the table, which also serve as a storage space for books.

The wall above the bed is accentuated by a youthful wallpaper of expressive colors.

The space for the youngest girl is located in the second part of the apartment, next to the parent room. Without major construction work, with new furniture that fully meets the needs of the child, but also opens up the central play space, a beautifully arranged play and learning space has been obtained.



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