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location: Zagreb

year of performance: 2016 – 2019

Adaptation of the ground floor of the family home with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry, the main entrance to the house and stairs for the first floor. The existing schedule was pretty much unused, so in agreement with an authorized statistician, we decided on a more complex adaptation.

We got a great quality storage wardrobe, a bathroom with shower, and a large lounge and dining area. The kitchen in the central area dominates the space.

The kitchen is made of quality materials with very interesting elements. The whole front facing residence has hidden breakaway elements to dispose of things. A bar counter in the shade was installed sideways to the dining room as an oak peasant floor, which was also installed in the room. The kitchen worktop is made of GETACOR with a built-in sink in contrasting black.

The hallway is separated from the living room by glass sliding doors that have a guide built into the wall. The furniture in the hall is identical to the living room and kitchen.

The bathroom has a practical shower with storage shelves and a large element under and above the sink hidden behind a mirror.

An additional elegance to the room is given by the wall stucco painted in the same shade of the wall.



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