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location: Drage, Pakoštane

year of performance: 2023

We renovated the existing space, which was mainly used as a storage room, to create a functional smaller apartment for 3-4 people with a private terrace and a smaller space for the laundry/storage room, which would be a common room for all the other household members.

We made maximum use of the given elements in the space, stone and existing greenery. The new exterior carpentry fitted nicely into the existing space, and the greenery that we completely preserved further emphasized it.

In the space, we respected all the default load-bearing elements, we adjusted the new partition walls to the existing space. The apartment has one bedroom, a bathroom and an open space with a kitchen and a living room with an extra bed for one more person. We only visually partitioned the existing storage space/pantry with wooden slats and placed another additional
bed. The bathroom is quite large and spacious, with a combination of materials and colors we got a beautiful and functional space that fits in with the rest of the space and forms an interesting whole.



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