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location: Zagreb, Sesvete

year of performance: 2007 – 2021 (and still not finished...)

One of my favourite projects I have been working on for a long time. The project was supposed to be a small task of adapting the bathroom on the 1st floor but turned out to be a complete house renovation with a new roof and interior design for all residential units.

On the ground floor, by expanding the terrace, we got a functional space for socializing. We also built a fence with an extended green area to get a more intimate and comfortable seating area. 
The high wall added to the facade hides the entrance to the auxiliary rooms on the ground floor, and on the first floor, we used it to get protection from the view from the neighbour buildings.
The living space on the 1st floor kept the basic concept of the room layout, but in agreement with the structural engineer, we managed to make an open concept of the living room and dining room with a large glass wall and access to the terrace.
By agreement with the investor, we left the maximum height in the living room and additionally installed large skylights to get as much light as possible.
We made a garden on the existing balcony between the added wall on the house and the dining room, and the biggest challenge was to install a huge glass wall in the dining room overlooking that green area.
In the living room, along the entire wall, we had hollows made of plasterboard, which we partially closed to get an interesting wall where we installed indirect lighting with a library space.


We expanded the bedroom for a wardrobe space that we physically separated by a custom-made sliding panel. An antique piece of furniture dominates the bedroom and gives warmth to the whole space. 

The bathroom project, with which the collaboration began, has been used to the maximum and still looks attractive after more than ten years.
The apartment interior on the 1st floor was our priority, and over time the need to arrange the space in the attic became apparent. The attic is designed as a workspace with a guest room and bathroom.
Altogether a very successful project with investors with whom we have become good friends in the meantime. One of the projects that we never consider complete and which will always be an open folder on our computer screen.



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