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location: Zagreb, Šestinski gaj

year of performance: 2014

Adaptation of a two-storey apartment in Zagreb. Apartment is in a beautiful location, surrounded by greenery.

Major renovations were made in the area, all bathrooms were renovated and some partition walls were demolished. A new staircase was also worked for the upper floor, where, as part of the staircase construction, an extension of the gallery was achieved. This provided a large storage space in the corridor, and a lower quality storage space in the entrance area and space for the installation of appliances in the kitchen.

The railing on the stairs is a combination of massive wooden columns and steel cables.

A large bathtub was installed in the children's bathroom. There was a parapet with built-in lighting, which is also a shelf for storing shampoos and more. There are two sinks in the bathroom. There is a separate section with mirrors and cabinets for each child.

The partition between the children's rooms is also a wall with recesses in one room and another for storing books and toys. The rooms are decorated with wall stickers that are easily removed from the wall and do not damage its surface.

In the lower part, the parent bathroom is in the bedroom. It is separated by a sliding panel that slides across the cabinets. The bathroom is dominated by a wall behind the shower with decorative tile designs with foliage. The bathroom element also has a yellow element under the sink.



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