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location: Novska

year of performance: 2023

As part of a beautifully decorated and spacious family house in Novska, there was one part of the house that had not been used for the last few years. Considering that the son's existing bedroom was relatively small and in a very frequented part of the house, they wanted to repurpose that unused part of the house for his needs. Within that space, they have also wanted to build a whirlpool and sauna that other family members can use.

The newly renovated space is an integral part of the house. It has internal communication with the rest of the house and a separate external entrance.

As it was a part of the old house that was built on and the outdoor terrace was subsequently closed, we did not want to disturb the statics of the house, so we used a relatively narrow part of the house to install a whirlpool and sauna in that area.

By agreement with the structural engineer, we demolished the existing wall between the living room and the bedroom in one part, so we got two "entrances" to the bedroom. In the central part, we installed a bioethanol fireplace, glazed on both sides, above which we mounted TVs.

The TV in the bedroom has an articulated support, so it can also be used while staying in the whirlpool.

The existing difference in height between the rooms turned out to be a nice detail. The bedroom has a spacious wardrobe made to measure with tinted glass panels and indirect lighting which is quite spectacular.

The wall behind the bed is accented with wallpaper that dominates the space. Different types of lighting were used in the space, emphasizing certain elements and adding warmth to the space.

We got a pleasant space for rest and socializing, which was the main task of this project.



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