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location: Zagreb, Sesvete

year of performance: 2013 – 2016

Preliminary and detailed design of housing renovation. The adaptation of the existing living space required the extension of the part of the house above the garage, provided that the existing residential part was connected to the attic. Existing structural elements that had to be respected for the object's statics were maximally utilized.

The difference in floor height gave a nice cross section and broke a relatively narrow and long space. The skylights gave a lot of light throughout the living space and the gallery. Elements of more than 100 years old bricks were used, the oak floor was painted in a warm reddish hue, elements of wrought iron fencing, interesting chandeliers and beautiful pieces of antique furniture were added.

In the later phase of the work there was an attic with a gallery where 4 bedrooms and a bathroom are located.

Visible timber beams are left in the attic and the maximum height of the ridge space is left for the installation of large wardrobes. The peasant floor gives the space an additional warmth.

The children's rooms are adapted for girls of different ages. Wallpaper was used on the walls. Some walls are painted with the effect of a school board. Existing antique furniture is processed and painted white. The room details complemented the overall impression.

The bathroom has a large built-in tub that dominates the space. Beside it, in the existing recess behind the built-in cistern, recesses were used for disposal of the shampoo. All along the sink, there are large storage units. Above the washbasin there are elements with shelves and mirrors on the front.

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