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location: Zagreb, Maksimir

year of performance: 2021

This project was an interior design of the restaurant located on a beautiful destination that was neglected for years. The interior design project started thanks to the new restaurant ownership. The main task was to get as comfortable space for guests as possible. 

The existing carpentry was left. We only repaired some damage that occurred over time.

The significant intervention was repairing the floor. The floor was slippery and extremely dangerous for walking. It was also giving a rather cold impression.

On the existing ceramics was placed a textured vinyl floor, which immediately changed the overall impression of the space. We also changed the colour of the walls and ceiling. Instead of white, we painted it in a muted soft grey shade.

We left the existing suspended ceiling construction and lamp outlets but replaced the halogen lamps with LED lighting. We placed pendants on the side outlets in the large hall to break the uniform impression a little. We have also placed smaller pendants near the booth in the small hall. 

Part of the ceiling in the great hall was hand-painted, which partly hid the covers from the air conditioner. A part of the ceiling and the wall in the small hall near the booth were also hand-painted in the same way.

We placed frames of wall stucco above the booth and painted them in the colour of the wall. We covered the existing bar cabinet and the hallway near the toilets in the basement with the 3D finish stucco. 

We renovated the neglected basement by renewing the existing carpentry and painting ceramic tiles on the wall. We lined the walls and the cabinet under the sink with a strong kerosene colour panel which added warmth to the whole space. We also replaced the elements of the sink. 

By placing curtains on the glass surfaces in the large and small hall, we added warmth to the space.



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