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location: Zagreb, Maksimir

year of performance: 2012

Preliminary and detailed office space interior design.

The office space is intended for a law office and is located in Zagreb. It has two separate rooms with an open space for a secretary and a waiting room for parties, a small kitchenette, a toilet and a small trainee room. The space is mostly functional to meet the needs of the investor, it just requires minor work to achieve an attractive, modern, bright and airy space. It was necessary to improve the functionality of the space with new furniture that would fully meet the needs of users.

In one part, the walls were demolished to open up the space and accommodate the purpose of the investor for the room (office three), which could be separated from the secretary's room by the glass door if necessary.

In the same way, the part with the kitchenette is completely opened and, if necessary, forms an integral part of the open space of the secretary and the waiting room.

The floors in office one and office two were lined with light-colored wood paneling. On the existing floor in the secretary, waiting room, office number three, kitchenette and toilet, a new light colored ceramic floor was installed, which visually enlarged the space and further connected it.

The lighting has been adapted and somewhat modified to obtain both the attractiveness of the space and the functionality as the existing luminaires do not meet the needs of the users.

The toilet has been modified in part, new ceramics and new toilets have been installed.

The furniture is tailored to the needs of investors. The bright color, simple and unobtrusive lines blend in perfectly with the space. With the details on colored furniture and simple minimalist lines, we get an attractive and functional space.

We have achieved a modern, open and airy space full of light that meets all investor's needs.



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