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location: Zagreb, Zavrtnica

year of performance: 2011

Preliminary and detailed office space interior design.

The project was about the remodeling of the existing office space of 282.9 m  and the project of making custom-made office furniture for a part of an office space.

The existing open space has been remodeled by a combination of fixed glass partitions and sliding hinged doors that allow the existing hallway / reception area to be remodeled and the space provided for the lecture halls. The project envisages three separate classrooms that can function as a whole for themselves and, if necessary, can be opened into one large classroom for 28 students. All glass partitions have the possibility of later disassembly and installation at the new facility.

Furniture design was about the creation of new furniture elements as needed by investors who combined with existing furniture.

With straight modern lines and quality materials, space has taken on a new dimension and has fully met the needs of the Investor.




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