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location: Zagreb, Sesvete

year of performance: 2013

Landscaping is always an interesting task because the interior of the house must fit with the given exterior, but also meet the needs of the household.

In the courtyard behind the house, larger tiles were used that resemble stone in their structure. The vertical that protects from the view of the adjacent object is lined with decorative stone. To avoid the feeling of a long and narrow space, stunts were made and greenery was planted.

The existing external sink is built in and walled up. This provided space to store smaller plant maintenance supplies and a water hose.

The space at the entrance to the residential area is partly walled up to provide a seating bench and storage space inside. The recessed part is left due to the installation of lighting.

Hardwood floors, rattan furniture and decorative pads add extra warmth.

The entrance to the house always has a representative character. It gives an idea of ​​the contents of the residential part and therefore special importance must always be given to it. The input must be aesthetically incorporated within all given components.

Major construction works included the construction of a new façade and complete renovation of the yard, which included new falls, drains, larger-format ceramic paving intended for outdoor spaces, and the creation of cascades intended for planting greenery.

The relatively small space has been minimalistically decorated, with added wooden details and lighting installed.



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